Making HerStory

Tisha Thompson & Kiera “Babes” Thompson

Tisha and her daughter, Babes, are building the business of their dreams in their hometown of Akwesasne, a Mohawk Nation Territory in northern New York. This dream stems from a background in business, fashion, make-up artistry, and was brought to fruition with their purchase of a make-up company ,“Look Plus,” out of Montreal, Quebec.
Tisha found “Look Plus,” when she needed someone to create a custom contour palette for her make-up services. The palette they developed soon became a best seller and the owners recognized that Tisha had a calling in the field of make-up development. She continued to work alongside “Look Plus” for two years before purchasing the company, moving it to her hometown, and re-branding it as “Babes Cosmetics”.
For the past year, Babes has been studying make-up production and has perfected her skills in creating various color blends, molding lipsticks, foundations and eye color. Although, she is often in front of the camera as a model, she prefers to remain behind the scenes of the business. Babes role is to work in product development and manufacturing. She is the key in assuring product quality and she sets high standards for Babes Cosmetics’ products.
Babes shares her mother’s passion for helping women look their best. “I’ve learned from modeling that make up can change your look drastically,” she explains. “lt’s rewarding to offer products that help women explore the many different sides of themselves.” Being able to work with her daughter (Babes) every day is a big part of what inspired Tisha to start Babes Cosmetics. “This is something that we both love and that we have built together,” Tisha says. “We have fun every day and are so blessed to be sharing this journey.”